My Health Companion © is a low-tech personal health record that can be used to enhance self-care management and maintain good health.  By documenting key health information in a simple, organized fashion, individuals can collect, track, and share health information that will promote prevention or early identification of health problems and foster productive partnerships with their healthcare providers.

Two My Health Companion © publications/citations are as follows:

Weinert, C. & Cudney, S. (2012). My Health Companion©: A Low-Tech personal health record can be an essential tool for maintaining health. On-line Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 12(1).

Weinert, C., Kinion, E., & Cudney, C. (2010). Development of My Health Companion© to enhance self-care management of chronic health conditions in rural dwellers. Public Health Nursing, 27(3), 263-269

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